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A "SaleEvent" is a group of loans that has been put up for auction through our system. You can view a full list of current SaleEvent Auctions on the "SaleEvents" page.

The "DataCenter" is where we store all SaleEvent, Pool & Loan information and documents. It's a drilldown datacenter where you can view details for any pool in that saleevent's Loan Count, (UBP) unpaid principal balance, (WAM) weighted average of maturity, (WAC) weighted average interest rate & related loan documentation. Based on your account privileges this loan level, pool level detail and documents can be viewed directly online of made available to download to your system.

A "BidForm" is an excel sheet that contains all the loans separated by worksheets of pools with UPB for you to fill in with your bid values per loan. This "BidForm" is then used as your overall "BID" for any particular "SaleEvent"

To place a bid you must navigate to the "SaleEvents" page and view the "SaleEvent" you wish to bid on. Once on the "SaleEvent Details" page inside the "Actions Center" you will see a button to place your bid. This will take you to a page where you can download the "BidForm" and complete your "Deposit Form". Once the "Deposit Form" is completed and you've entered data into the "BidForm" you can upload the "BidForm" preview your bids and confirm the bid all through the same page.

*Note if you wish to re-bid on any "SaleEvent" for which you've already bid on, you must first cancel your original bid.

To cancel a bid you must navigate to the "SaleEvent Details" page of the "SaleEvent" you wish to cancel for. Under the "Actions Center" you will find a button to "Cancel Bid" that will take you to a page where you active bid can be seen and canceled.

Trailing documents are loan-specific documents that have been added to a "SaleEvent" after the initial post was created. These documents may contain relevant or new information on any particular loan within that event. They are added into the "Trailing Documents" section instead of the "DataCenter" to facilitate the access of updated/new information for current bidders of that "SaleEvent".

Announcements will be added throughout a "SaleEvents" bidding term; they contain relevant news updates on any particular "SaleEvent" i.e.: if a trailing document is added to a "SaleEvent" an Announcement will be posted to notify current bidders of this update.

The "Deposit Form" is an online form where you will enter relevant bank information that will be stored to your online account. This information is kept secure and not visible to anyone except the relevant Administration staff.


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