About LoanSaleX

LoanSaleX™ is the online platform utilized to assist in the purchasing and selling of commercial and residential loans. Our LoanSaleX™ technology provides a web-efficient, electronic exchange to both loan portfolio holders seeking to sell loans and qualified loan portfolio buyers seeking to purchase loans. LoanSaleX™ combines simplicity of use, quick access and capable due diligence enhancement features to facilitate the loan portfolio purchasing and selling process. During a loan sale, loan portfolio information can be securely accessed for review 24 hours a day. The LoanSaleX™ platform can assist you with the management of your loan portfolio purchasing or selling requirements.

Mission Statement

Forging financial and management solutions through an effective combination of first-rate and web-efficient Loan Sale Exchange technology.

Vision Statement

To be the recognized (Internet or Web) leader and most trusted business partner in loan portfolio purchasing and selling.